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Interpretative Hiking

From: 15,00

Interpretative hiking aims to go further than the mere traditional sport aspect of this activity. It represents a new way to go on a hike. Contemplating calmly everything around us, interacting with the landscape and nature.
The role of the local guide and environmental interpreter is fundamental. Not only for the trust that the guides may provide for their knowledge of the area, but for their role as environmental educators.
At Silvestres Ezcaray, we convey everything that we notice in the natural environment in a practical and casual way and on the spot; providing insightful notions on ecology, biology, geology, geography, history and cultural heritage.
Our interpretative hiking group is open to everyone. We plan excursions in the Ezcaray area on weekends and on bank holidays. Duration: Half a day. Level: easy and within reach for any level. Distance: 10 km Difference in Altitude: 400 m.