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Wild Mushroom Picking Tourism

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Wild mushroom picking in the natural environment is a stimulating and pleasant activity. Autumn is the best season to enjoy it, since the climate conditions favour the growth of many species, some of them being true culinary delicacies due to their intense aromas or taste, among which stand out the Boletus, the saffron milk cap, the Chanterelle or the Scotch bonnet. The woods and meadows of the Sierra are home to an extraordinary diversity of wild mushrooms, with countless shapes, colours and scents. Among these, we must be able to recognise which species are suitable for human consumption, and more importantly, how to tell them apart from other ones with any degree of toxicity.
Initiatory outings to identify and pick up different species in their natural habitats. Includes: Mycological accompanying guide, transportation in off-road vehicle, permits, knife, basket, guides and small picnic. Duration: 4 hours.  Season: Autumn (October-November) and summer (June-July).
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