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Wild Orchids

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For its geographic location and wide array of topographies, climates and types of ground, Ezcaray’s area of the Sierra de La Demanda is an exceptional place for the observation of wild orchids in the natural environment. For evolutionary and adaptive reasons, orchids are considered one of the most interesting group of vegetable species today. The different habitats for bushes, forest and meadows contain one of the widest diversities in orchids in the Iberian Peninsula, with over 35 species, included in the varieties Orchis, Ophrys, Dactylorhiza, Cephalanthera, Epipactis, Coeloglossum, Serapias, Anacamptis, Gymnadenia, etc. For that reason, this valley is no stranger to personalities from the botanical world, both national and international.
Includes: Off-road vehicle guided itinerary, alternating each stop with short walks around the most distinctive habitats of the area. Basic notions on identification, ecology and photography of species. Duration: 3-4 hours. Season: 15 April- 15 June.

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